Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tree Top Town (TSE: TRE)

Shares of TRE fell by another 8.63% today to $3.07 this morning. Sino-Forest Corporation's stock has fallen drastically from its high. Just a week ago, a report was released by Muddy Waters, highlighting possible fraud and stealing of money that may be conducted by Sino Forest's operations in China. Although Muddy Waters is a small firm, the company as a solid track record for calling out fraud. Photo's along with an in depth analysis of Sino Forest's Chinese operations were the cause of the heavy selling. On average, 4130690 shares of TRE.TO exchange hands on a given day. Volume has greatly increased since the incident.


  1. muddy who?

    These guys go and short HEAVILY and then release a report like that, then they cover and go long.

    These guys are just as bad a TRE!

  2. To comment above, no teh report is actually true. That would explain the 90% drop in value of the share price....

  3. You're an IDIOT!!!!

  4. i'm selling like crazy ahhhhhhhhhhhh