Contributing Team

Meghan Brighton
Meghan graduated from UBC in the top 4% of her journalism program. That is to say that she enjoys reading, writing, and of course Netflixing if that's considered a "thing". While she isn't building her house of cards, Meghan is trading stocks in real life with a focus on the technical information for short term guidance. The exhilarating, fast-paced Wall Street action is what has kept her in the game for the last 7 years

Abhay Pathamanujam
Abhay's work is unparalleled when it comes to his passion and dedication for stock market news and alerts. Abhay works literally around the clock to satisfy his clients and make sure they are very pleased with the financial services that he can deliver in a time fashion.

Derek MacKay
While being a beer connoisseur wasn't exactly the career Derek was looking for, he sure is good at picking stocks from the brewing sector. Aside from beer, Derek works part time at a financial firm, and he specializes in personal finance and accounting, helping those around him preserve and grow their wealth and financial positions.

Mikhail Vergunov
Originally from Silicon Valley, Mikhail has an interest in technology and tech stocks. Whether it's hardware, software, drones, social networks, clouds, VOIP, Android, Unity, iPhones, smart homes - you name it and Mikhail will be all over it. Mikhail has also been known to implement Options strategies, albeit on a small scale, in order to boost his yearly performance.